The TX. 10: Cool new art mediums

Sunday , March 18, 2018 - 12:00 AM

TX. Correspondent

If you are bored with same old art style, try out something new:

1. Trade your graphite sketching pencils for charcoal pencils for a new challenge. Charcoal is very dark and will help you learn how to control your values more.

2. Everyone has used crayons before, but if you like the way they look and want a more mature step up, try drawing with oil pastels.

3. Do you like doodling on notebook paper with a ballpoint pen? Next time, before you put the pen to paper, paint some stripes or spots with watercolors and use them as a background.

4. If you’re good at or enjoy writing in fonts, try some chisel-tip markers — they make calligraphy much easier and come in lots of colors.

5. Have you noticed how popular mood-boards are becoming, especially online? If you like organizing aesthetically pleasing photos and colors, try collaging with real pictures onto a board. Physical collages can be combined with other mediums to make interesting textures, colors, patterns, etc.

6. Acrylic paints are used in many different ways, but if you like painting on canvases, try oil painting. Oil paint will stay vividly colorful after it dries, unlike acrylic, which darkens as it dries — but you can paint over acrylic with oil to help keep your colors bright.

7. If you are into the coloring book trends, invest in some nice pencils, like Prismacolor. Crayola is great, but the pigment isn’t always as intense as you want with coloring books, since the illustrations are typically drawn with black lines.

8. Photography has become very accessible, especially since Instagram’s rise in popularity. If you like putting filters over photos and making them look pretty, try downloading some other editing apps. I like Snapseed the best so far, as well as Prisma and VSCO.

9. If you decide you like other photo-editing apps as well, consider taking a photoshop class and learning about more complicated ways to touch up and change your pictures.

10. If you enjoy painting with watercolors, but don’t always have the time or energy to set up and clean up your supplies, consider investing in some watercolor pens for a more portable, easy-to-clean-up routine.

— London Cummings, Fremont High

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