New Utah law likely to streamline study into Weber County government change

Rep. Kelly Miles

Proponents wanting to investigate change to the three-commissioner form of government here are...


Ogden, West Haven hopefuls to seek House post with Peterson forgoing re-election

Khalaf Eads Musselman

Republicans Adrian Eads, Mary Khalaf and Calvin Musselman join Democrat Kathie Darby in seeking the District 9 Utah House seat.


Trump swings behind massive budget; big military increase

APTOPIX Budget Battle

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite second thoughts, President Donald Trump swung behind a $1.3 trillion government spending bill Wednesday that would give him a partial victory on funding for a U.S.-Mexico border wall. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., rushed to the White House amid worries that Trump was...


Tempest over Trump-Putin call turns into uproar over leaks

Russia US

WASHINGTON (AP) — The tempest over President Donald Trump’s congratulatory phone call to Vladimir Putin quickly grew on Wednesday into an uproar over White House leaks, sparking an internal investigation and speculation over who might be the next person Trump forces out of the West Wing. The White...


Fed raises key rate and foresees 2 more hikes this year

Federal Reserve Look Ahead

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve is raising its benchmark interest rate to reflect a solid U.S. economy and signaling that it’s sticking with a gradual approach to rate hikes for 2018 under its new chairman, Jerome Powell. The Fed said it expects to increase rates twice more this year. At the...


Senators press Trump officials on safeguarding 2018 ballots

Trump Russia Probe Congress-1

WASHINGTON (AP) — With the 2018 elections already underway, senators chided the current and former secretaries of Homeland Security on Wednesday for not more strongly warning the American public about past Russian intrusions in state election systems and for a lack of urgency to protect balloting...


Allegations from women in his past shadow Trump

Trump Playboy Playmate

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chorus of women from President Donald Trump’s past is getting louder. Accusations about Trump’s past sexual exploits bubbled up on three fronts Tuesday, with two women pressing court cases and a porn actress publicly needling the president. Trump has so far weathered the...


Clash Over Abortion Hobbles A Health Bill. Again. Here’s How.

The Affordable Care Act very nearly failed to become law due to an intraparty dispute among Democrats over how to handle the abortion issue. Now a similar argument between Democrats and Republicans is slowing progress on a bill that could help cut soaring premiums and shore up the ACA. At issue is...


Trump tweets 'AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD,' adds 'great job' by law enforcement

WASHINGTON (AP) — Trump tweets ‘AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD,‘ adds ‘great job’ by law enforcement.


Are There Risks From Secondhand Marijuana Smoke? Early Science Says Yes.

The inspiration arrived in a haze at a Paul McCartney concert a few years ago in San Francisco. “People in front of me started lighting up and then other people started lighting up,” said  Matthew Springer, a biologist and professor in the division of cardiology at the University of California-San...


Summit offers hope to son of American held in North Korea

North Korea Detained American

WASHINGTON (AP) — The son of an American held in North Korea sees a glimmer of hope that a planned summit by President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un can help win his father’s freedom. Sol Kim says he remains in the dark about why his father, a 59-year-old Korean American, was detained at Pyongyang...

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